One for Jeter

The only Yankee games I've watched in the last five years are the three since last Thursday that were three of the only five games Derek Jeter has ever played in that didn't mean anything (i.e. the Yankees were mathmatically eliminated from the playoffs).  And yet these games meant everything to New Yorkers, to Jeter fans and to people who admire those who do things the right way.

My Podcast of the week -- Philosophize This!

It's not a casual listen to have on while you browse facebook, but if you're looking for an intellectual, smart podcast that will not oly teach you something, but keep you entertained in the process,  Philosphize This! is a great coice.  Our host Stephen West guides the listener through a tour of the lives and philosophies of the philosophers that shaped our current society from the Pre-Socratics to the current episode on John Locke.  It's a simple mission in theory, but one that is rather difficult to carry out.  Not only does West have to cho

Go Watch The Crash Reel

I hadn’t heard of The Crash Reel when my business partner suggested I watch it a couple nights ago.

A few words on Andy Roddick

"If one man conquer in battle a thousand times a thousand men, and if another conquer himself, he is the greatest of conquerers." -Buddha 

A Thing of the Present -- Self Driving Cars

Nevada has approved the use of the Google self-driving car on its roads.  Take that sentence in for a moment.  I think we all knew that self-driving cars would be an inevitable part of the future – I just imagined that this future would be distant and boring.  It’s neither. This is a horse and buggy meets Model T moment in history and nothing about driving cars will ever be the same.

Tebow, Todd, Drugs and Faith

As part of ESPN's quest for original programming dominance, they selected a topic every football fan enjoys, quarterbacks, as a theme for a series of documentaries in 2011.   I happened to catch two of these documentaries this week, the first called "The Marinovich Project" about former USC quarterback Todd Marinovich's difficult childhood with an overbearing father and his subsequent struggles with addiction, and the second called "Everything in Between" about Tim Tebow's quest to transition from college to NFL caliber quarterback.  Both documentaries were well done and while Marinovich's

Lesley Stahl is blind

I got a little upset tonight watching 60 minutes report on the murder of Jeff Hall by his 10 year old son.  Jeff was a construction worker and professional victim from the Inland Empire, California who allegedly got really mad at immigrants when he couldn't find a construction job during the recession so he decided to become a neo-nazi.

Sweet Pete Campbell Montage from Mad Men Season 1

Stumbled upon this trying to find...well...something else:

A Wild 17

When sports turn weird I get interested.  It's generally tough for me to get pulled in to a baseball game in mid-July, especially one involving the Red Sox and Rays, but last night was an exception.  Truth be told, I didn't even really start watching the game intently until the 11th inning, but I began glancing at it when it was the background entertainment at a friends bar-b-que.  As the innings rolled by in a 0-0 tie we began to notice it a little more until I decided to take my leave at the end of the ninth when the Rays failed to score.


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